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Video Camera

My Process:

A typical project timeline might look something like this:

1. Initial consult via phone, email or in person meeting to understand what you are looking for. During this initial consult I can answer any questions you may have. 

2. I will send you a short list of questions via email that I can reference over the course of the project.

For photography these questions might look like: Minimum number of photos? Any must get shots? Style preference? Due date for final delivery? etc. 

For video these questions might look like: What message do you want to get across? Do you have a reference video? Due date for final video? Target audience? etc. 

For video editing these questions may look like: What is the call to action? What will this video be used for? Target audience? Due date? etc. 

3. I will deliver the final project via WeTransfer, google drive, and if you need a hard copy (i.e. on a drive) that can be arranged.   

Every day I get to do what I love and work with amazing clients. I work with my clients to ensure that I tell their visual story in a way that is true to their idea and brand. Communication is key to a successful project. 

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