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How can we add more value to your company? 

How do we tell your company's visual story?

How can we communicate clearly and effectively to achieve success?

These are the types of questions that I constantly ask myself, and are at the core of HAL-BO Media's focus. 

What does HAL-BO Media bring to the table? 

A little about me... 

I have worked with hundreds of clients --  editing thousands of videos. My clients always get a video specifically tailored to their company in a timely manner, from a trustworthy filmmaker. 

I have my professional certificate from Berklee College of Music in production, so when people watch your video rest assured that they will be listening to the highest quality audio in the industry. Audio is just as important as video in video production -- so the message of your story is clear and easy to listen to.

The process of coming up with ideas and bringing them to life gives me the greatest satisfaction and encourages me to keep innovating. After each long production comes the culminating moment: where I get to see audience reactions that mean the world to me.


Lindsay Halper-Bogusky

Founder | Hal-Bo Media

Located in Westchester County, New York. 

Servicing the Tri-state area.

Video Production

Drone Services


Video Editing Services

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